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The craft of custom shoes for kids
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The craft of custom shoes for kids

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With the development of society, the evolution of trends and international intermingling, many factors such as market demand, consumer psychology and the pursuit of commercial profits have given dress culture a new and strong stimulus. At the same time, dress culture is constantly developing in the direction of harmonising internationalisation with nationalisation. Nowadays, clothing culture is becoming more and more commercialised and the product we are introducing in this article is an important part of clothing culture: custom shoes for kids.


·The production processes of custom shoes for kids.

·The advantages of custom shoes for kids.

·How to maintain custom shoes?


The production processes of custom shoes for kids.


·Material selection

The most important aspect of custom shoes for kids is material innovation. In the past, most custom shoes were made with a single canvas upper, but nowadays, new materials such as UV resistant fabrics, imported microfiber fabrics, as well as leather, nylon fabrics, suede and suede are common in the market. And our custom shoes for kids have a rubber outsole and a leather upper. It can give a comfortable feeling.


·Production process

To begin with, we design custom shoes for kids according to the customer's or market's requirements, create a sample drawing and then evaluate the materials, quantities and losses required for the shoes. During the production process, we take into account the cleanliness, symmetry, and margins of custom shoes for kids. In order to guarantee the quality of each custom shoes for kids, we have strict production requirements.


In short, the shoemaking process is a chain of interlocking rings, each link must be operated in accordance with the prescribed standards, strict control, otherwise the quality of shoes will be affected. It is worth noting that the differences in historical conditions and cultural backgrounds are what make up the diversity of the world's dress civilisations, so the type of custom shoes for kids will need to be tailored to your preferences.


The advantages of custom shoes for kids.



Comfort is one of the most important considerations in shoes, and our custom shoes for kids have a lightweight leather construction for a flawless fit. Of course, the comfort of the shoe depends not only on the right material and construction, but also on the bend of the sole.


·Stylish design

Custom shoes are an important part of fashionable clothing and, as part of the outfit, must be in tune with current trends. Our custom shoes are a stylish combination of casual and contemporary style, with a strong customisation that will give a new look.


These are the main advantages of our custom shoes for kids. Whether it is the choice of materials or the processing equipment, our company has strict controls. It is also important to note that the purchase of shoes depends on the climate, the choice of shoes for different seasons and your financial means.


How to maintain custom shoes?


It is important to maintain and clean custom shoes regularly to keep them looking fabulous. When the upper is dirty, wipe it gently with a soft cotton cloth, soaked in water or detergent, and allow the shoe to air dry. Also, avoid damaging the surface of your shoes by not exposing them to acids and alkalis.


This is all there is to know about custom shoes. Before purchasing custom shoes, you can send us an image of what you or your customer would like. We will create a CAD with the image on the shoe and send it to you for confirmation. Our custom shoes are available in trainers and casual shoes, so make sure you know what you are using them for before you buy them.


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