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How to select a suitable custom shoes for kids?
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How to select a suitable custom shoes for kids?

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With the improvement of people's quality of life, the diversity of costume culture has begun to be reflected. Costume has not only become a necessity for human life, but also represents the accumulation of human culture in a certain period of time and has become a symbol of human civilisation. The materials and production of clothing record the trajectory of scientific, technological and artistic progress. The product we are introducing today is custom shoes for kids, which is an important expression of clothing culture.


·How to choose a suitable custom shoes for kids?

·The recommended reasons for using custom shoes for kids.

·Custom shoes' market positioning.


How to choose a suitable custom shoes for kids?


Custom shoes for kids we need to think in terms of: aesthetics, comfort, safety.



Comfort and safety can be considered in terms of the material of the insole and upper. Our custom shoes for kids feature a soft linen lining with arch support and a removable insole that can give children a feeling of comfort. In addition, custom shoes for kids need to be the right thickness and softness, but soles that are too soft do not support the foot, otherwise they tend to become fatiguing.



Custom shoes for kids are highly customisable in terms of pattern design, so the choice of pattern and style will depend on your preferences. With the development of the footwear industry, custom shoes for kids have gone beyond the purely practical and have become a fashion statement.


The custom shoes for kids is a decorative method in which a thermoplastic material is cut by applying pressure through a heated mould to produce a colourful embossed pattern. Meanwhile, It is important to note that the size of shoes for kids can be influenced by the standards and design of the shoe factory. Please refer to our size chart for more information on this.


The recommended reasons for using custom shoes for kids.


Our custom shoes for kids have many advantages, such as cost effectiveness, customisability and safety and comfort. With rising labour costs in the shoe industry, it is also important to consider the price of custom shoes for kids. There are cheap and expensive shoes on the market today, and that depends on the workmanship of the shoes and the material, and the origin and other factors to determine the price, do not be greedy for cheap, buy some very cheap shoes to wear, not only easy to rot, the feet are also prone to injury.


Custom shoes' market positioning.


Casual shoes are increasingly becoming an important building block in the casual lifestyle. As the casual trend becomes increasingly clear, a growing number of shoe companies are rushing to this land of wealth. China has always attached great importance to the development of custom shoes, which are, after all, an important part of clothing. However, there is a mixed bag of companies producing custom shoes on the market, and some of the smaller companies are even using materials that are hazardous to health in order to reduce costs. In addition, the product design is mediocre, the technology content is not high, the positioning is clear will judge whether a custom shoes is excellent criteria.


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