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How should custom shoes for men be styled?
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How should custom shoes for men be styled?

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For the community, clothing is already a necessity to cover the body and decorate the life, not just for wearing, but also an identity, an attitude to life, a show of personal charm. When dressing with shoes this single product is always indispensable, shoes style style variety, as long as carefully selected good this different style of shoes, daily collocation is enough. In this article, we are going to introduce the content related to custom shoes for men, and the advice on how to buy and match custom shoes for men will be mentioned in this article.


·The basic design requirements of custom shoes for men.

·What kind of clothes should I wear with custom shoes for men?

·How to select custom shoes for men?


The basic design requirements of custom shoes for men.


The design of custom shoes for men is based on three main considerations: comfort, appearance and value for money. The practical function is the prerequisite for the existence of custom shoes for men, while the aesthetic and symbolic function is an important extension of the casual shoe. The starting point for comfort is the material of the shoe, the thickness of the sole and other aspects. Generally speaking, thick rubber-soled shoes are much better than thin leather-soled shoes. In the case of casual shoes, protection and functionality will continue to be the two main features emphasised in casual sports shoes. The soft linen lining of our custom shoes for men with arch support and removable insoles will provide you with comfort.


What kind of clothes should I wear with custom shoes for men?


·Determining the occasion

A pair of shoes should be worn for different occasions - a pair of leather shoes for formal and serious work, sneakers for sports, casual shoes for everyday use, and a pair of boots for manhood. So, when buying custom shoes for men, we need to determine whether they are for casual or sporting use.


·Casual shoes

Casual shoes are in between the formal shoes we usually wear and the shoes we wear when we play sports, when you wear any piece of casual clothing and then with a pair of shoes is very easy to match together. Our casual shoes are mainly white, small white shoes as the essential models of casual shoes, still hot, small white shoes in addition to all year round can be worn, but also fashionable and versatile, whether it is casual or dresses can be casual with.


·Sport shoes

When it comes to sneakers, we are not as particular about our outfits. Apart from sportswear and trainers, jeans are also a good choice. Normally, we wear jeans with walking shoes or other shoes, but when you wear jeans with sneakers, it's a good match. When you are wearing jeans with sneakers, you should pay attention to the style of the jeans and not to wear them blindly, especially when choosing the colour.


In short, the different types of custom shoes for men need to be matched to individual preferences and usage scenarios. Our custom shoes for men are highly customisable, so you can customise the pattern to suit your own preferences. Most of our custom shoes for men are somewhere between formal and casual shoes, not too formal and not too casual, adding a variety of options to your ensemble.


How to select custom shoes for men?


Firstly, custom shoes for men must be sized to fit your feet, not too big or too small, so we recommend that you refer carefully to our size chart. Secondly, choose the right thickness of sole, too thick soles do not bend easily and can create a sense of tiredness in yourself over long periods of time. Finally, choose the right look. If the top is too formal to wear, then we recommend choosing simple custom shoes for men and not overly complex patterns.


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